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Syncplicity Storage Connector

To configure an on-premise or an AWS-based StorageVault, you need to install the Syncplicity On-Premise Storage Connector. This is server software that runs as a virtual machine and connects the Syncplicity orchestration service in the cloud to your storage endpoints. You need at least two on-premise Storage Connector instances but you can deploy more for scalability and high availability purposes. In most cases, an SSL offloading load-balancer is deployed in front of the Storage Connector servers.

For security, you enter an Access Key when you configure the Storage Connector. The Access Key is a shared secret between an on-premise deployment and the Syncplicity orchestration service, used to identify and authenticate the on-premise deployment.

Once the Storage Connector servers are installed and configured, you can create and manage StorageVaults. When creating a StorageVault, you point it to the Storage Connector server, enter the Access Key, and allocate space for this StorageVault. Each StorageVault configuration typically points at one URL, which is usually a load-balancer to which the Storage Connector instances are connected.

After the StorageVault is configured, an administrator can create storage sets. Storage sets allow administrators to control storage allocation by assigning user groups to specific StorageVaults.



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