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Syncplicity DLP/AV Connector


The Syncplicity On-premises DLP/AV Connector is server software, provided as an OVA image that is run in a virtual machine. It connects the Syncplicity orchestration layer in the cloud and a third-party Data Loss Prevention (DLP) or Antivirus (AV) solution to your on-premises storage endpoint. You should review About Syncplicity StorageVaults and private storage before reading further.

Supported DLP and AV engines

Syncplicity uses the standard ICAP protocol to interact with third-party DLP and AV solutions. 

DLP engines certified to work with Syncplicity:

  • Digital Guardian v. 10.0.071
  • Symantec v. 12.5
  • McAfee v. 9.2.

The Antivirus solution is only supported for DLP/AV Connector 2.x and higher. All AV engines that support Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) are compatible with DLP/AV Connector 2.x (Syncplicity DLP/AV Connector has been tested with McAfee Web Gateway 9.2). If you encounter difficulties setting up please email or contact your Syncplicity Customer Success manager.

To check the version of an already installed connector, please use:


If you are running DLP Connector 1.2.x or earlier, you will receive an "unable to connect" response, as the default port for earlier versions is 9002. Instead run the command:


The DLP administration and AVS administration topics describe how to manage settings and policies in the administrator console for DLP and AVS, respectively.


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