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Enabling Storage Connector support for the Version API call

Enabling support for the /version remote version query utility

To prevent the potential disclosure of this configuration information the default behavior of the /version lookup is disabled by default. However, there are circumstances when an admin may choose to enable this utility as a way to query all deployed storage connectors to ensure they are all running a consistent version.

The following information describes how a Storage Admin can enable and re-disable this /version utility.

Connect to your Storage Connector and enable the utility

  1. Edit the /etc/syncp-storage/syncp-storage.conf file
    sudo vi /etc/syncp-storage/syncp-storage.conf
  2. Insert the following text in the section of the file just below the proxy configuration:

    # Syncplicity Web Services
     # ~~~~~ {
       proxy {
         enable: false
         host: ""
         port: 8080
     syncplicity.versionPage.enabled = true
  3. Save your changes to the syncp-storage.conf file

  4. Restart the Storage Connector Service:

    sudo service syncp-storage restart

Perform the following procedures on each Storage Connector.

NOTE: If the Storage Connectors are behind a load balancer running the /version query, only the results from whichever Storage Connector in the pool received that inbound request are displayed.

Executing the query

  1. In any browser, enter the following address:
    https://<storagevault URL>/version
    The desired response will resemble the following:


    Where the values indicate:

    • Version is the Storage Connector Version

    • OvaVersion is the version of the .ova (if an .ova was deployed)

    • NodeID is the unique identifier for each Storage Connector

    • CommitID represents specific diagnostic information useful for aiding Syncplicity Support

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