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Set the maximum amount of storage used by StororageVaults

You can limit the amount of storage used by the StorageVaults in your environment.


  • You cannot modify the default Syncplicity Cloud StorageVault unless you have a Syncplicity Data Suite Protection account. Contact Syncplicity support for more information. 
  • If you have a Syncplicity Data Suite Protection account and you want to modify the Syncplicity Cloud StorageVault, do not set its allocated storage to zero. Leave at least 10MB storage allocated to the Cloud StorageVault for your reporting needs because all Syncplicity report files are exported to folder Syncplicity Reports on the Syncplicity Cloud StorageVault and you cannot change this location. The amount of storage required for storing the report files depends on the number of reports you configured and the details that you selected to store in them. 

If you decide to use only on-premise StorageVautls for file sharing, set the Default Storage Set Policy to an on-premise StorageVault. Note that you still need storage space on the Syncplicity Public Cloud for reporting purposes. 

  • This operation requires Global Administrator credentials.
  1. In a browser, navigate to and log in as a Global Administrator user.
  2. Select Admin → S ettings.
  3. Select Manage StorageVaults from the Enterprise Edition Features section.
    The Manage StorageVaults page opens.

  4. Edit the maximum amount of storage that can be used by each private StorageVault.

    NOTE: You cannot reduce the allocated storage to less than the already consumed volume.

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