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About Syncplicity StorageVaults with authentication

The Syncplicity StorageVaults with authentication feature provides Syncplicity Enterprise Edition users additional security for communication between Syncplicity StorageVaults, On-Premise Storage Connectors, and clients.

A Syncplicity StorageVault is a configuration in the Syncplicity orchestration layer that enables IT administrators to designate specific storage endpoints for users, groups, and folders.

The Syncplicity On-Premise Storage Connector is server software that runs as a virtual machine and connects the Syncplicity orchestration layer in the cloud to your storage endpoint. In most cases, an SSL offloading load-balancer is deployed in front of these Storage Connector virtual servers.

With the authentication feature, you can configure SSL between your SAML 2.0 compliant Single Sign-On (SSO) service and the Storage Connector, as well as between the Syncplicity clients and the SSL-offloading load balancer in front of the Storage Connector.

Refer to the About Syncplicity StorageVaults and private storage article for more information on StorageVaults, Storage Connector, and on-premise storage.

Refer to the Syncplicity StorageVault with Authentication Configuration Guide for more information. To obtain a copy, contact Syncplicity Support at

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