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Ownership of Syncplicity on-premise Private Cloud storage

When choosing on-premises Private Cloud storage, it is critical that you understand your ownership responsibilities for preventing data loss, data unavailability or service interruptions. Since you provide the networking, hypervisor and storage subsystems in a private cloud, it is the responsibility of you, the customer, to maintain the proper change control, security safeguards and disaster recovery procedures to ensure availability and system stability. Syncplicity only provides the connector software that is integrated with your systems, and therefore cannot be responsible for data loss, data unavailability or service interruptions that originate in the network, hypervisor or storage subsystem and therefore out of our control.

Syncplicity provides only one component in an on premises configuration specific to the either the Storage Connector, Documentum Connector, or the Rights Management Server. As a result, common administrative tasks for the surrounding storage and network infrastructure are both the ownership and the responsibility of the customer. These tasks include, but aren't limited to securing unauthorized access to, patching, backing up, failing over, retention or other break/fix activity. Syncplicity will make a best effort to help troubleshoot and diagnose infrastructure errors and issues. Ultimately, the customer is responsible for the network and storage layers which reside outside the scope of our technology stack.

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