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Impersonate a user

The Impersonate feature provides the ability for you to access the user's account and see it as the user sees it. You must be a Global Administrator or eDiscovery Administrator to impersonate a user.

A Global Administrator may impersonate a user to help troubleshoot any issues that may be occurring. For example, the user may need assistance restoring a backed up file or previous file version. Whenever a Global Administrator impersonates a user, the impersonated user receives an e-mail notification of the impersonation session.

An eDiscovery Administrator may wish to impersonate a user for the purposes of an investigation, where the administrator can access any files and folders by a specific user. However, the eDiscovery Administrator is a read-only role and cannot add or remove files, or change user settings. Unlike a Global Administrator impersonating a user, the user is not notified of the impersonation.

To impersonate a user, perform the following:

  1. Click Admin then click User Accounts.
  2. In the Mange Users page, click the specific user's name or Search for the user.
  3. On the right side of the Manage User page, in the Tasks section, select Impersonate user The user's account is shown with a highlighted banner across the top of the screen.
  4. Navigate the user's account. If you are a Global Administrator, you can perform any task necessary as that user.
  5. When done, click the Return to Console link in the banner.



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