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Managing devices using MobileIron

As described in Overview of managing your company's devices, the Syncplicity apps for Android, iPad and iPhone are MobileIron AppConnect-enabled apps.

This article describes how to download and add the AppConnect version of the Syncplicity app to your MobileIron console, provides an overview of policy settings, and lists the features supported by the Syncplicity app on the Play Store but not supported on the AppConnect version.

For installation and configuration instructions, see the Syncplicity App for MobileIron Installation and Configuration Guide.

Note: Syncplicity now supports Android Enterprise in MobileIron. You should use it rather than the MobileIron solution described in this topic. See Managing Android devices using MobileIron for more information. This topic is relevant only for legacy purposes for MobileIron management of Android devices.

Downloading the Syncplicity app for MobileIron

The Syncplicity apps for iPad and iPhone are available in the Apple App Store; they are the same apps that users download for unmanaged devices. When downloaded to a MobileIron managed iOS device, the Syncplicity app automatically detects this and is available to be managed by MobileIron.

The AppConnect version of the Syncplicity app for Android is not the same as available in the Play Store. You must download the AppConnect version from the Syncplicity admin console, Downloads page as follows:

  1. If not already done, open My Syncplicity in your browser and log in.
  2. Click admin then click downloads.
  3. In the Downloads page, find the section Syncplicity for Android integration with MobileIron.
  4. Click the link to download the Syncplicity package to your system. This is a zip file containing the apk and other screenshots.
  5. Upload the apk and the screenshots in your MobileIron console.

Add Syncplicity app to the MobileIron console

You only need to perform this procedure for the Syncplicity app for Android.

Once you have the package, add the Syncplicity app to your MobileIron management as follows:

  1. In your MobileIron Admin Portal, select the Apps
  2. In the App Distribution Library (default windows), make sure that Android is selected in the Select Platform
  3. Click Add + under the banner. Note that this link is not enabled if any app in the table is selected.
  4. Follow the instructions in the Add App Wizard. When prompted, enter the following information:
    • Distribution type: In-house app
    • App Upload: Locate and select the Syncplicity app for Android package.
    • Mandatory App: Check Yes if you want to make sure the Syncplicity app is always installed.
    • Require users to Install latest version of the app: Check Yes if you want the user to always upgrade whenever a new version is available.
    • Minimum OS version: The minimum version the Syncplicity app supports is 4.0.
    • Per App VPN: If your company has a license for per app VPN, you can check this option and enter the necessary details.
    • App Icon: The App icon is inside the zip file containing the apk. You should add this so that the users see the Syncplicity logo when they download the app.
    • Android Screenshots: There are four screenshots in the zip folders that represent some of Syncplicity app's key features. You should add these screenshots so that users can see those when they download the app.

MobileIron app settings

This allows the Syncplicity app to support MobileIron and share data securely between other AppConnect-enabled apps.

You can edit the Syncplicity app information and settings by going to the App Distribution Library (under the Apps tab) and editing the Syncplicity app.

To edit the policy that controls the Syncplicity app, select the Policies tab under Policies & Configs. In the Policy Name column, click the name of the policy used to control the devices with the Syncplicity app to see its settings. In the right pane, you can click Edit to change various settings such as:

  • Passcode control, where the same passcode is used for all MobileIron managed apps.
  • Data Loss Prevention policies by controlling Open and Copy-Paste within managed AppConnect apps.
  • Control of camera, gallery, screen capture, and video functions.
  • MobileIron secure email and browser, used to share content only among AppConnect apps.
  • Data encryption and storage in the secure AppConnect container.
  • Access control to external storage devices, such as SD cards.
  • Wipe data in Syncplicity as well as retire the Android device.
  • Allow the Syncplicity app to connect servers behind firewalls using MobileIron's Advanced AppTunneling feature.

Some of the settings differ between iOS and Android.

The following is an example of the Data Loss prevention policy settings for Android.

Unsupported Syncplicity features

Syncplicity users cannot perform the following actions with the AppConnect version of the Syncplicity app:

  • Access the SharePoint access feature, since AppConnect apps do not support custom URIs.
  • Create or select videos in Microsoft Office files.
  • Select and upload files from the secure MobileIron container.
  • Record a video from within the Syncplicity app; however, users can record a video separately then upload it to the Syncplicity account.
  • For the Syncplicity app for Android only, select multiple videos or photos.
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