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Managing Android devices using AirWatch

As described in Overview of managing your company's devices, Syncplicity apps for Android support AirWatch using Android Enterprise. App wrapping or SDK integration is not necessary. As an administrator, you can use the AirWatch add application wizard to add the Syncplicity app from the Google Play Store to the AirWatch console.

This topic describes adding the Syncplicity app to your AirWatch catalog and provides an overview of policy settings.

With AirWatch, you can manage the devices and users that can install the Syncplicity app. Your users can install the app from the Google Play Store or you can force download and installation.

Steps for the following tasks were developed using AirWatch Console You also should review the AirWatch documentation for performing the described tasks.

AirWatch app installation

Perform the following steps to add the Syncplicity app to your AirWatch catalog. Once the app is added and users are assigned, you can use the AirWatch console to monitor the deployment of the Syncplicity app.

  1. Select Apps & Books | Native | Public | Add Application to open the add application wizard.
  2. Complete the following fields as needed.

    Managed by Name of the managing organization
    Platform Android
    Source Search App Store
    Name Syncplicity
  3. Click Next and select Syncplicity. The App Details screen is displayed.
  4. Click Approve, then Approve the app's permissions. The Edit Application window is displayed.
  5. Add information as needed on the Details and Terms of Use tabs. See the AirWatch documentation for details.
  6. Click Save & Assign. On the Update Assignment screen, click Add Assignment.
  7. On the Add Assignment screen:
    • Enable Application Configuration. Set the configuration values you want to use and delete the unneeded values. Advanced key-value pair configuration is supported with AirWatch, allowing override of many policy settings for managed users. By overriding policy settings, you can have one set of restrictions for unmanaged devices and another set for managed devices.
    • Click Add.
  8. Click Save & Publish.
  9. Confirm the assigned devices and click Publish.

Smart groups

You can configure which users can access the app from the AirWatch catalog by adding smart groups that can access the app. Users are assigned to the apps through user groups that are part of a smart group. Refer to the AirWatch console documentation for details about user groups and smart groups.

AirWatch app settings

You can use AirWatch console to manage the devices with the Syncplicity app and other apps that have been added through the AirWatch app catalog.

You can manage the Syncplicity and other apps using device profiles. For example, to access profiles select Devices | Profiles & Resources | Profiles. Click to edit a profile name to view passcode settings and restrictions such as the use of camera and screen capture. Passcode settings help you configure the passcode and its complexity for the device from the Passcode tab. You can allow or disable opening of files from managed AirWatch apps to unmanaged apps or from unmanaged apps to managed AirWatch apps.

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