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Deploying Syncplicity Outlook Add-in for Windows using silent install

You can silently deploy Syncplicity Outlook Add-in for Windows to a wide group of users instantly, which helps to minimize user errors and support calls, and eliminates extra steps required by your end users.

When the silent installation completes and the user is logged in to Syncplicity and the Outlook Add-in is running, the user is automatically logged in. If the Outlook Add-in is not running, the user is shown the login screen after the installation and can log in as normal (using SSO or non-SSO).

Requirement: If installing Syncplicity software via policy on a Windows system, the following software must be installed on the client system as a prerequisite:

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Visual Studio Office Runtime 2010 (binary is vstor_redist.exe)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016

NOTE: The SSyncplicity Outlook Add-in for Windows executable name is Syncplicity_for_Outlook.msi.

Command line parameters

You can use the tool of your choice to deploy the add-in to the user's desktop, and then run a command to install it. Command line options for completing this silent installation are as follows.

You should launch the silent mode installation process by passing /SILENT=YES parameter as the first argument. Ideally, you need to run as an administrator for the silent installation.


Indicates that the fresh and upgrade installation is silent.


Indicates that the License Agreement is accepted. Value should be ACCEPT. If this argument is ignored, the silent installation will fail.

This argument is for new installations and upgrades.




Syncplicity_for_Outlook.msi SILENT=Yes EULA=ACCEPT


This is an optional argument. If not specified, its default value is C:\Program Files\Syncplicity\OutlookAddIn.

You can specify the add-in install directory by specifying the argument INSTALLLOCATION=@DIRPATH@. If the directory path contains a space, put the complete path inside double quotes, for example "DirPath". Please make sure that directory path does not contain and invalid characters.

This argument is only for new installations.




Syncplicity_for_Outlook.msi SILENT=Yes EULA=ACCEPT INSTALLLOCATION="C:\Syncplicity\Outlook\Addins"


Optional. Use this parameter to prevent launching the Outlook application after the add-in installation completes. If not specified, the default value is 0, which launches Outlook.

This parameter is only for new installations and uninstallations. It does not work on Repair installations.



Syncplicity_for_Outlook.msi SILENT=Yes EULA=ACCEPT NOAPPLAUNCH=1msiexec /qn /uninstall Syncplicity_for_Outlook.msi NOAPPLAUNCH=1
Please note: to suppress launch, versions of the Outlook Add-in before 1.0.121 used "LAUNCHOUTLOOK=0" rather than "NOAPPLAUNCH=1".


This switch customizes the location and name of the log file.

/L generates a log with limited information.

/L*vx generates a log with detailed information, which helps for debugging.


Syncplicity_for_Outlook.msi SILENT=Yes EULA=ACCEPT /L*vx "c:\temp\Syncplicity\install.log"

Command Line Examples

The following example accepts the license, installs to c:\Syncplicity\outlook\, but does not launch Outlook at the end of add-in installation:

C:\Install> "Syncplicity_for_Outlook.msi" SILENT=Yes EULA=ACCEPT INSTALLLOCATION="c:\Syncplicity\outlook\" NOAPPLAUNCH=1

The following example does launch Outlook at the end of add-in installation:

C:\Install> "Syncplicity_for_Outlook.msi" SILENT=Yes EULA=ACCEPT INSTALLLOCATION="c:\Syncplicity\outlook\" NOAPPLAUNCH=0

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