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Using the Syncplicity Manage Devices page

You can monitor and manage each device that has a Syncplicity client or mobile application installed and is used to access your company's Syncplicity account.

To access the Manage Devices screen, from the console, select Admin → Devices.

The Manage Devices page displays the device name, owner, type of device, the last time the device was online, the version of the Syncplicity client and its multi-factor authentication (MFA) status.

NOTE: The Type column also shows the operating system version. However, if the user upgrades the device OS later, the new version is not reflected in this column.

If the list is long, you can locate specific device information using the search box at the top of the list of devices. You can search on the data in any of the columns, using the pull-down menu to select which column to search. The search string may appear anywhere in the data of the column you are searching, and is not case sensitive. Searches can be performed on any of the columns on the page, in a single column at a time. Searching for Last Online is a special search in which you enter the number of days since last login as an integer, and the list returned contains devices that have been online within the number of days you specify.

The Download link on the right side of the screen under Other Tasks allows you to download a complete list of all devices in your company account if you need to do more complex searching or analysis of your company's devices. The list is in csv format and contains the same columns shown on the Manage Devices screen.

You can also rename existing desktop devices in the account, or remove devices from the account.

Rename a device

An Admin can rename Mac and Windows desktop machines on behalf of users. This can be useful when a user has replaced a system and would like to re-use the existing device name in the account during the installation of the Syncplicity client on their replacement system. All the device names in a Syncplicity account must be unique. So a user that needs to re-install the Syncplicity client after a system loss would not be able to use the same device name unless an admin changes the existing device name or removes that device from the account.

To rename a desktop device from the Manage Devices screen:

  1. Select the device from the list of devices.
  2. Enter a unique name for the device in the Device Name field shown
  3. Click Rename.

Remove a device

An Admin can remove any device from the system. Removing a device from the account disables access from Syncplicity client installed on that device. If removing a desktop device, the Admin can remove the device and optionally wipe the Syncplicity files from the device. If removing a mobile device, the Syncplicity files and folders are automatically wiped.

When the option to wipe data from the device is chosen, the Syncplicity service sends a command to the desktop client to delete the Syncplicity files and folders from the device. Data in the Syncplicity storage or user's Syncplicity files and folders are not affected by wiping the device; the removal happens from the device only.

To remove a device:

  1. Select the device from the Manage Device list.
  2. Select Remove and Wipe. This action cannot be undone.
  3. Select REMOVE AND WIPE to stop access, remove the device name, and wipe the Syncplicity files and folders from the device.


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