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Managing Android devices using MobileIron

This topic describes handling Syncplicity on Android Enterprise with MobileIron as the mobile device management system.

Import Syncplicity to MobileIron admin console

Import Syncplicity:

  1. In the MobileIron admin console click Apps to open the App Catalog.
  2. At the top of the App Catalog click Add to select a store. The Store ribbon opens.
  3. On the Store ribbon click Google Play. The Application window opens below.
  4. In the Application Name box, enter Syncplicity as an app name, and click Search. The application list view opens.
  5. Click Syncplicity, and then click Next. The system imports Syncplicity.

Select category:

  1. In the App Catalog, in the Syncplicity page, select Category (optional): Business, Productivity, or Secure browser.
  2. Click Next to open Apps&Work Catalog.

Add to catalog:

  1. Under Android Enterprise, select Install this app for Android enterprise. The set of check boxes appears.
  2. Select By distributing this app you will accept the following permissions on behalf of users.
  3. Click Finish. The configuration process is completed. The App Catalog opens with Syncplicity available in the catalog.

Configure Syncplicity in the MobileIron admin console

  1. In the App Catalog open the Syncplicity app and click Edit. The Edit App Configuration window opens.
  2. Under the Configuration Choices click Add. The New App Configuration dialog box opens.
  3. In the Configuration Choice Name box enter a name for new configuration.
  4. Click the Configuration for Syncplicity spoiler to expand the configuration settings, and specify necessary settings.
    • Login with Browser
    • Syncplicity Open-In Policy
    • User Email Address
    • Passcode Enforcement Policy
    • Passcode Failure Policy
    • Passcode Timeout Policy
    • Passcode Allowed Attempts
    • Passcode Timeout Minutes
    • Pin Login Domains
  5. Click Add.
  6. Open the Apply Labels to This App Config group and select necessary labels.
  7. Click Apply. The new configuration applies to the specified users or groups.

Install Syncplicity on your Android Enterprise device

You can install the Syncplicity app from the Play Store. Use the Play Store with a briefcase badge, as it contains a managed version.

To install Syncplicity on your device:

  1. Tap on Play Store with a briefcase badge. The Apps screen opens.
  2. Tap on Syncplicity. The Syncplicity screen opens.
  3. Tap onInstall to install Syncplicity. The installation starts.
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