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Desktop onboarding policies


The Onboarding policies assist you in managing the onboarding of Windows and Mac desktop clients. There are two policies Admins can configure for onboarding:

  • Silent Onboarding policy - Allows Admins to enable or disable the silent install.
  • Syncplicity Default Folder Location policy - Allows Admins to choose alternate locations for the Syncplicity desktop client installations.


To access these policies:

  1. Click Admin in the console,  then click Policies.
  2. In the Manage Policies page, select the policy set you wish to view or modify by clicking its name.
  3. In the Manage Policy Set page, expand Desktop Clients & Add-ins → Onboarding.

The Onboarding policies do not apply retroactively to current desktop client users. However, they do apply to those users who unlink their computer then setup the desktop client again.


Silent Onboarding policy

This policy applies if you have chosen to silently install the Syncplicity desktop client on your users' Mac and Windows systems, as described in Deploying the desktop clients using silent install.

This policy allows you to enable or disable the silent install. If you enable silent onboarding, the user is prompted for information, as described below. You have option to not display one, more or all of these dialogs. If all are checked, the users do not see any Syncplicity installation dialogs.

  • Machine name and Syncplicity folders dialog. If checked, users are not prompted to optionally change the system name and the default location where the Syncplicity folders are stored. Instead, the default values are used. 
    NOTE: Using the Syncplicity Default Folder Location Policy described below, you can change the default location of the Syncplicity folders.
  • Special folders dialog - If enabled, users are NOT prompted to synchronize the special folders: Desktop, Documents, Favorites (Windows only), Music and Pictures. Instead, synchronization of these folders is determined by the user account Personal Folders section, as described in Manage user accounts.
  • Syncplicity account folders screen - If enabled, users are NOT prompted to synchronize their existing Syncplicity folders with the desktop. Instead, none of the account folders are synchronized.
  • Tutorials screen - If enabled, users are NOT presented with the tutorial.

Syncplicity Default Folder Location policy

By default, the Syncplicity desktop client installs the Syncplicity folders in the following locations. You can choose alternate locations.

  • Mac: $HOME/Syncplicity Folders
  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\Syncplicity Folders

NOTE: For Windows desktop clients installed using the command line, the value set by SYNCPDIR is overridden by the value in this policy.

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