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Syncplicity for Outlook File Size Policy


Use this policy to determine if files greater than a specific size are automatically sent using the Outlook Add-in as a Syncplicity shared link instead of email attachments.

This policy is only applicable when user tries to attach files using the native attach icon in Outlook. If the user is using the options on the Syncplicity ribbon (such as Attach Files, Attach Folders, or Attach Files) to attach files, then all files are sent using Syncplicity shared links and not only the files above this size.

NOTE: This policy affects only the Syncplicity Outlook Add-in for Windows, not the Syncplicity for Outlook Add-in for Office 365.

There are two options in this policy:

  • Do not require file attachments to be sent as Syncplicity shared links based upon file size. This option allows users to determine which files are sent as shared links.
  • Send file attachments larger than [  ] MB as Syncplicity shared links. This option allows you to enter a specific file size. All files larger than that size are automatically sent as shared links. Users can still determine whether or not to send smaller files as attachments or as shared links.


To access this policy, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Admin in the console,  then click Policies.
  2. In the Policy Sets tab, select the group policy you wish to update.
  3. Expand Desktop Clients and Add-ins.
  4. Expand Configuration.
  5. In the Outlook File Size Policy section, choose the desired option.
  6. When done, click Save at the bottom of the Manage Policy Set page.


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