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Company folders report

The Company folders report provides information on all folders present in your Syncplicity account. When the report is run, output can be exported as a comma separated values (CSV) file. The exported CSV file includes:

  • Folder name and path
  • Information on the owner of the folder
  • Details on whether the folder was shared and with whom
  • Information on the Storage Vault the folder is stored at
  • Size of the folder

Create Company folders report

  1. Select the Company folders report from the Select Report Type dropdown menu.
  2. Click on Export Report to create a CSV file.

Explanation of the Company folders report's CSV file columns and rows

The name of the generated report file indicates the type of the report, as well as the timestamp when it was generated. In the CSV output file for this report, each row provides information on each folder. 

The top two rows indicate the type of the report and the filters used. Since this report export does not use any filters, the 'Report filters' value will always be 'All folders'. See the below table for information on the details provided in the report.

CSV file columns


Folder Name

The name of the folder.

Folder Path

The location of the folder within your company account. Root folder paths will be displayed as '\'.


The name of the owner of this folder.


The email address of the folder's owner.


Indicates whether the folder is shared with someone or not. The value can be either 'Shared' or 'Private'.

Shared With

List of users or groups the folder is shared with. The different users and groups are comma-separated.


Indicates whether users, with whom the folder is shared, can further share the folder with somebody else. Re-sharing permissions depend on the policies setup.

Re-share Participants

List of users, with whom the folder is re-shared.


The Storage Vault used to store this folder.

Folder Type

The type of this folder.

Folder Size

The size of the folder - will be displayed in bytes, KB, MB or GB.

Folder Size [Bytes]

The folder size in bytes.
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