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Configuring the reporting folders

As an administrator, you can choose how Syncplicity reports are exported.  By default, all Syncplicity reports are exported to a single "Syncplicity Reports" folder in the cloud StorageVault that is automatically created for each Administrator when they export their first report. This setting allows you to choose to export each report type to a separate Syncplicity folder. This enables each report type to be easily shared with different groups of users.

To set the reporting folders global setting:_153283680C9E80E9F-17AC-422F-86EB-6D9E631F2E6D.GIF.gif

  1. From the console, select AdminSettings tab

  2. Select the Reporting folders link.
  3. Select one of the options for how you would like Syncplicity reports to be exported, a single or separate Syncplicity folder.
  4. Select Submit. The changes to the reporting folders setting apply to all Administrators in your account.
  5. Notify all Administrators in your account of the changes you have made. 


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