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Custom metadata (tagging)

A company administrator can enable the  Tagging  feature to allow users to create tags on files and folders when they are the Owners or Editors. By default, tagging is disabled. 

Tags cannot be created for folders that are shared from a company where tagging is disabled.

The events related to tagging are captured in the  Audit a file  and  Audit a folder  reports. 

Use case

A user has an increasing number of folders and files for a certain project and wants to add their own metadata that allows them to control and add information about the files. They can apply custom tags (keywords) that allow them to quickly find these specific project files in the future. This empowers the user to target what content is most meaningful to them,  respond quickly to requests, and quickly make informed decisions about what information to retain regarding this project, while also deleting irrelevant information.

Enable tagging

Quick reference:  Admin >   Settings >  Custom Metadata > Enable > Save

To enable application tagging:

  1. Go to Admin >  Settings. 
  2. Click Custom Metadata.

  3. Click  Enable  (by default, Tagging is disabled).
  4. Click  Save. End-users can now apply tags to their files and folders.

Disable tagging

When tagging is disabled:

  • New tags cannot be created on the files/folders.
  • Existing or previously created tags continue to display until they are purged (the purge duration cannot be configured).
  • Tags are static text and cannot be selected.

Rules for use

  • For detail on how users can use this feature see Tagging on web.
  • If the company environment is restricted you can whitelist the URLs for metadata services.
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