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Microsoft Office Online Integration

The Viewing and Editing in Microsoft Office Online feature works on the web environment of Syncplicity, which is a cloud-based application. Microsoft Office Online integration is available for all Syncplicity users.

The user of Viewing and Editing in Microsoft Office Online feature requires a Microsoft office 365 subscription and authentication. Personal Edition users have access to Microsoft Office Online without the need for a Microsoft subscription, while Business and Enterprise Edition users require a Microsoft subscription to edit files online. Viewing is available without a subscription.

If your company has a subscription to Microsoft office 365 you can activate the Microsoft Office Online Integration, which will enable online Viewing and Editing of the Microsoft Office Online feature. The administrator has the privilege to set the configuration by enabling or disabling this feature in the Admin settings tab.

Configuring the Microsoft Office Online

To enable or disable the Microsoft Office Online integration in Syncplicity:

  1. Login to Syncplicity with administrator credentials.
  2. In the navigation bar, click Admin → Settings.
  3. From Account Configuration, select Microsoft Office Online integration.
  4. Select Enabled option to enable online viewing and editing of Office application file online.
    TIP: To disable the Microsoft Office Online integration, select Disabled.

  5. Click SAVE to save the configuration settings. The following warning screen displays:

Refer to Viewing and Editing files in Microsoft Office Online topic for more information on how to view or edit files in Microsoft Office Online.

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