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Branding with your company logo

Administrators of Syncplicity Enterprise Edition accounts can apply their company's branding to the My Syncplicity web application. The company logo replaces the default Syncplicity logo in the header of web pages viewed by your account users and displays in web pages accessed by recipients of shared files.

The email banner graphic included in system-generated notification emails can also be customized; although, it can only be customized using Support tools.  Also, admins can define a custom URL redirect for "Get Help" or "Support" links from various points in the Syncplicity workflow, as well as customize aspects of system-generated notification emails.  For details, seCustomizing email templates

To open the Branding page, from the Manage Settings page select Admin → Settings  → Custom branding.


IMPORTANT: Your company must have full copyright ownership of your logo before adding the logo to Syncplicity.

The required logo specifications are as follows:

  • File formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF
  • File size: 200KB maximum
  • Dimensions: Your logo should have a maximum aspect ratio of 1:4 (height:width). Once uploaded, the logo is resized to 55 pixels high with its width automatically resizing proportionally.
  • Background: For best results, use a logo with a white or transparent background.

To add a new logo:

  1. Select Upload a logo → Choose File.
  2. A file system browser window opens. Browse to your logo file, select, and open it.
  3. The new logo displays on the preview screen.
  4. If the logo displays satisfactorily, click SAVE. Alternatively, you can choose another logo file by again selecting Choose file.
  5. After saving, the new logo appears in the header of the My Syncplicity web application.

To change or remove your company logo:

  1. Select Upload a new logo or Remove.
  2. After choosing to upload a new logo, follow the process above to choose, preview, and save the new logo file.
  3. After choosing to remove your company logo, the Syncplicity logo again appears in the header of the My Syncplicity web application.
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