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Hiding Install Tab in Web User Interface

Web user interface configuration

If you are using a customized version of Syncplicity desktop client, then Syncplicity allows you to customize the web user interface to prevent users from downloading the standard Syncplicity desktop clients. The administrator has the privilege to customize the user interface. The administrator can hide the Install tab on Syncplicity homepage for all users. By hiding the tab, it prevents the users from downloading and installing the standard Syncplicity client version listed under Install tab.

To disable or enable the Install tab in Syncplicity:

  1. Login to Syncplicity with administrator credentials.
  2. In the navigation bar, click Admin and then Settings.
  3. In the Account Configuration section, click Web user interface configuration.
  4. Select Hide Install tab option in Client Install Tab to hide the Install tab file online.
  5. Click Submit to save the configuration settings.
    The Hide Install tab option will hide the Install tab as shown in the below figure:

    The Show Install tab option displays the Install tab as shown in the below figure:
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