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Syncplicity API release notes

The following lists updates to the Syncplicity API. See our Syncplicity API documentation for additional information.

October 2022

API 1.5.2

Resources updated in API Catalog:

  • Parameters for DLP and AVS scan results and how to retrieve those in the response body were added for the following endpoints:
    • GET /sync/folder_folders.svc/{SYNCPOINT_ID}/folder/{PARENT_FOLDER_ID}/folders
    • GET /sync/folder.svc/{SYNCPOINT_ID}/folder/{FOLDER_ID}
    • GET /sync/folder_files.svc/{SYNCPOINT_ID}/folder/{FOLDER_ID}/files
    • GET /sync/file.svc/{SYNCPOINT_ID}/file/{FILE_OR_VERSION_ID}
    • GET /sync/versions.svc/{SYNCPOINT_ID}/file/{FILE_VERSION_ID}/versions
    • GET /syncpoint/syncpoints.svc/
    • GET /syncpoint/syncpoint.svc/{SYNCPOINT_ID}
    • GET /syncpoint/links.svc/
    • GET /syncpoint/link.svc/{TOKEN}
    • GET /syncpoint/received_links.svc/{LIMIT}
  • GET /events/company - New event available, called scanstatusset. It returns information on the results of a DLP scan in the das_scan_result object in the response body.
  • GET /provisioning/machines.svc and GET /provisioning/machine.svc/{MACHINE_GUID} - Machine token is no longer returned, as it is obsolete. New parameter MfaStatus included in the response body, which indicates the status of the device based on the Device Multi Factor Authentication company settings.
  • Minor updates to descriptions of different parameters.

New information added to API Documentation:

  • Information was added on how to retrieve DLP and AVS scan results via the API.
  • Information was added on how to view DLP scan events via the Events API.
  • Explanation added on how to use pagination in the Events API.

Some formatting updates.

October 2021

API 1.5

New resources added to API Catalog:

  • /received_links.svc/{limit} - Retrieves a list of all shared links received by the user.
  • /received_link.svc/{token} - Retrieves information for a specific shared link received by the user, based on the link token provided in the request URL.

New information added to API Documentation:

  • Details on Secure Session Link Token creation - this token is used to upload and download files using shared links. See Additional Concepts for more information.
  • Shared links - Details added on different types of shared links that can be created using Syncplicity API, as well as how to upload and download files using a shared link. See API Docs for more information.

Formatting updates, security improvements, and bug fixes.

February 2020

API 1.3

The following are new features in this release.

December 2019

API 1.1

This Syncplicity API release is an extension of the existing API release with new features, improvements, and minor fixes. This release continues to provide you with the ability to develop your own applications to integrate with the Syncplicity platform.

The Syncplicity API documentation provides detailed documentation for this release.

New features and improvements:

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