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Manage user off-boarding through Deleted User Retention

'Deleted user retention' feature provides admin protection by providing them with an ability to manage a deleted user's content for a configurable time duration.

As part of this feature, for a configurable time duration,

  • admin has access to a deleted user's data - all folders: private, special and shared folders (by deleted user)
  • admin is able to change folder ownership of a deleted user's private, special and shared folders (by deleted user), and restore participants for shared folders (by deleted user)
  • User status will be displayed as 'Pending offboarding'

Changes/modifications in current 'Delete account' flow:

  • Additional setting 'Deleted user retention' to enable/disable the feature
  • On delete account, If the setting is enabled, in delete account confirmation box, admin will be presented information on retention policy and actions that the admin can perform. - If this option is selected, 'Manage user offboarding' will be displayed under 'Tasks' for the configured time duration.



  • On delete account, If the setting is disabled, as per current behavior, delete account confirmation box with modified message will be displayed.

'Deleted User retention' setting:

  • Setting will be enabled by default for all customers (new and existing)
  • When setting is enabled, admin will be able to do user off-boarding
  • All Admins (for the user, except eDiscovery admin) can configure time period during which off-boarding activities can be done. Minimum value: 30 days (default) and maximum value: 90 days and also specify email address(s) to whom email notification will be sent.



As part of user off-boarding, during the configurable time period, Admin can 

  • change ownership of private, special and shared folders, and restore participants of shared folders.
    • either individually under Manage Folders


    • or as all operation under task 'Manage user offboarding'
  • Folders shared by deleted user
    • Participants can no longer see the folders
    • While changing ownership, admin can restore participants
  • Change ownership of special folder will convert the folder to type 'custom'.  Folder would be renamed to include original user name as suffix. eg. Desktop folder of Joe Doe will be renamed as Desktop (Joe Doe). 
    • New owner will be able to copy content from those folders and after end of configured time duration, these folders will be deleted.
  • Folder shared with deleted user by internal and external users will not be kept. 
  • Shared links (outgoing) belonging to the files/folders will not work and will be deleted during user offboarding.
  • Notification Email sent to all Admins (Global and support admins per user-group membership), when the event occurs and a week prior to when the user account will be automatically deleted.
  • Reporting - New entries added to 'Audit administrator actions' report
    • Change in feature from Enabled/Disabled
    • Change in duration of configurable time
    • Change in state from Active to Pending Offboarding
  • For others, company users, support admins→ When admins delete a user, individual user account deletion would work in a same manner as before. User remains a deleted user during off-boarding. 

API behavior:

  • Default behavior of Delete API will be to put user in offboarding phase for configured time duration

Purge policy 

  • will continue to apply to any files or folder which were deleted while user was active.
  • Once configured time period ends, admin will not be able to view/manage deleted user (company user) any more. All the data associated with user at the end of off-boarding duration will be purged automatically, as per purge policy.
  • Only active files and folders, during the time of user account deletion, will get into off-boarding flow. No purge policy will apply to these files or folders, unless user's off-boarding period ends or ownership is changed.

Count towards company quota/storage usage

  • Data of deleted company users will be counted under company quota/storage usage. i.e. deleting an user for off-boarding will not reduce company storage usage.

Email address belonging to deleted user can be re-used.

UI changes

  • New setting 'Deleted User retention'
  • New delete user confirmation popup based on whether setting is enabled or disabled.
  • 'Pending Offboarding' Status for User in Support Tools will be displayed
  • Manage User page
    • User status 'Pending Offboarding (xx days left)' will appear 
    • Under Tasks, 'Manage user offboarding' link is visible (to change ownership of all folders to new owner)
  • Manage Users page
    • New checkbox 'Show All Pending Offboarding users'
    • Under Last Activity, 'Pending Offboarding' (when checkbox not selected, and 'Pending Offboarding (xx days left)', when checkbox is selected.


  • Manage Folders page
    • Special folders for all users including users in 'Pending Offboarding' state will be visible.
    • New Column for Active/deleted folders
    • New checkbox for 'Show deleted folders of Pending Offboarding users only' (to help admin see Deleted folders belonging to Pending Off-boarding users) 
    • Admin clicks on a folder, which is shared, checkbox 'Restore participants' will be displayed.


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